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Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders & Body Image



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Yoga Therapy

In person or online sessions to accommodate your convenience and eating disorder recovery goals. Based on my experiential knowledge and professional training as a yoga therapist, my goal is to teach you new tools that will help you get unstuck and moving forward.


Coming November 2018!

Through insightful Yoga philosophies, self-study exercises, and practices, Body Mindful Yoga will guide you to create a powerful and affirming relationship with your body. With this book's inspiring guidance, you can begin to move through the world with an attitude that radiates self-confidence, contentment, and peace of mind and body.


Yoga Videos

Yoga can be a powerful way to reconnect with your body so you can feel empowered in it and in your life. To help you get some yoga in your life, I created a 3-part online yoga video series that will introduce you to fundamental yoga poses and offer practical “yoga tools” to help you reconnect with your body so that you experience your body as a source of strength. One breath, one pose, one video at a time, we will build new empowering habits to support your ongoing relationship with your body and self.



I am passionate about writing about my personal and professional experiences on the topics of yoga, body image, motherhood, and eating disorder recovery. I also love to share others' voices on my blog and have the pleasure and honor of often featuring guest contributors.


Free Discovery Call

If you are curious about yoga therapy and how it can be helpful in your eating disorder recovery and relationship with your body, let's connect on a Free 30-Minute Discovery Call. Whether you are new to yoga or are an experienced practitioner, there's so much to discover about how this practice can heal, empower, and offer new tools to support your ongoing relationship with your body and self. I will gladly answer all of your questions during our call, and we will discover the best way I can support you going forward.