In Person & Virtual Yoga Therapy For Eating Disorders and Body Image

By learning how to breathe deeply, stay present, and open our minds to possibilities versus limitations, yoga can shine a bright light on our innate strengths and support us as we take baby steps to make new choices in our recovery and strengthen body image. The results can be surprisingly empowering. I know because yoga has been the key to my recovery from anorexia. Based on my experiential knowledge and professional training as a yoga therapist, my goal is to teach you new tools that will help you get unstuck and moving forward. Together, we can create better habits to support your ongoing relationship with your body and self.  LEARN MORE

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Now Available: Videos for Home Practice

This video series includes 3 30-minute yoga practices, a closing meditation, and a practical tool that you can use off the mat to help you build resilience. You will build physical strength, learn how to calm your mind, and begin to cultivate compassion and curiosity about your body. LEARN MORE

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Save the Date for a Very Special Event!

This special retreat is devoted to exploring "body kindness" and skills to cultivate positive body image. Includes yoga & meditation, hiking, art, rest & relaxation. No yoga experience necessary.  



A little bit about me: Hello! I'm Jennifer Kreatsoulas, the mother of two girls, a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, and writer based in Montgomery County, PA, just outside Philadelphia. At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with anorexia. Twenty-two years later, yoga continues to be a source of steadiness in my recovery process. Besides raising my children, I believe there is nothing more important I can do with my life than to help others with anorexiabulimiabinge eating disorder, other forms of the disease, and body image struggles navigate recovery with yoga. I am dedicated to helping you relearn how to feel safe in your body and empowered in your life.

I invite you to explore my website. You will find publications, my blog (named one of the Top 100 Eating Disorder blogs by Feedspot), and videos about yoga and eating disorder recovery. Scroll down to learn about what I call "Staying Power," or the ability to stay present and withstand what is rather than escape through self-sabotage and destructive behaviors. I offer a variety of services, including 1 x 1 yoga and classes, workshops, and retreats. I also speak and lead yoga classes and seminars at professional events. I'd love to connect on a free 30-minute Discovery Call to learn about you and explore how I can best support you.