I have to admit (and warn you) that I'm new to the world of YouTube. I'm taking a shot at making some videos because I want to get super crazy honest about what recovery is really like on a day to day basis. I also want to open up about how I use yoga and mindfulness to sort out and work through what I call "ED Head"--the tapes that spin and spin and cause a literal war in our heads. I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and keep up with videos that will surely be entertaining, honest, and empowering!

Yoga has been a life-sustaining tool throughout my 22-year healing path from anorexia. If you struggle with body image, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, over exercising, or just are not at peace with food and your body, I want to talk to you.
Hey, eating disorder friends: Ever get a hunger headache? Yea, that was me today. Here I get super honest and share how I pulled myself out of "ED HEAD" and chose to eat instead of suffer. Can you relate? Connect with me:
For many of us, body acceptance feels like an unrealistic reality. How do we go from hatred to full acceptance? Here I talk about the space between hate and acceptance and share how yoga has helped me and my yoga therapy clients to experience degrees of what I call "body tolerance."

It's crazy to think how many hundreds of dollars I've spent on skinny lattes and how many hundreds of times I've said SKINNY in the process! I believe recovery is about making small mindful shifts. So here's my small shift for today: NO MORE SKINNY LATTES! Check out my video to learn why.

We all have stealthy ways to duck out and avoid some of the hard feelings life throws our way. Some of those patterns, habits, and behaviors are especially harmful. Here I talk about how I use the acronym "WTF" (What's The Feeling) in my eating disorder recovery and life in general to stay connected to my emotions and avoid harmful ways of coping.
I created a 3-part online yoga video series that will introduce you to fundamental yoga poses and offer practical "yoga tools" to help you reconnect with your body so that you experience your body as a source of strength.