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Are you curious about trying yoga or are you new to the practice? Perhaps you are an experienced practitioner who would like to explore your yoga practice in new healing and empowering ways? Or maybe you have been hearing about how yoga is “good for you,” but feel uncomfortable going to a group class. Trust me, you are not alone, and I understand! It can be scary to try something new, especially if you feel self-conscious about your body or uneasy in your skin. Oh yeah, I get what that feels like too!

Yoga can be a powerful way to reconnect with your body so you can feel empowered in it and in your life. To help you get some yoga in your life, I created a 3-part online yoga video series that will introduce you to fundamental yoga poses and offer practical “yoga tools” to help you reconnect with your body so that you experience your body as a source of strength. 

Each 30-minute video will show you how to build physical strength, calm your mind, and begin to cultivate compassion and curiosity about your body. I will also teach practical, hands-on ways yoga can be used to strengthen body image, support eating disorder recovery, and help with disordered eating patterns and thoughts. I totally get that it can feel scary to be in your body. But I promise I will be there to guide you. One breath, one pose, one video at a time, we will build new empowering habits to support your ongoing relationship with your body and self. As you explore connecting with your body in these new ways, insights, feelings, and realizations may come up. So be sure to reach out for support to help you process your experience.  


  • Three (3) 30-minute gentle flowing yoga videos. Since these videos are yours for keeps, you will own 3 complete home practices to incorporate into your routine.
  • Each video ends with a guided meditation and a quick and easy yoga technique to use off the mat to strengthen body image and support eating disorder recovery.
  • A before and after personal assessment to reflect on your personal experience.


  • A basic knowledge of yoga
  • How to safely do fundamental yoga poses and use props (yoga blocks)
  • At least 3 helpful “yoga tools” to help you with body image concerns, eating disorder recovery, and disordered eating 


  • Struggle with body image
  • Are in recovery for an eating disorder
  • Have disordered eating patterns
  • Suffer from a general negative sense of self
  • Are an experienced practitioner who would like to explore your yoga practice in new healing and empowering ways

**PLEASE NOTE: I will email you the link to access all 3 home practices within 24 hours of your purchase.

Praise for "Yoga to Strengthen Body Image and Support Eating Disorder Recovery"

I’ve been working professionally with Jennifer for almost a year. Jennifer’s vulnerability and way of helping others through sharing her own story captivate her readers and listeners from the start and her words never fail to inspire. Her voice and words on her online video series are instantly calming and invite you to take a step back from your worries and to-do-list and come back into your body and soul. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, her videos will guide you through every step and allow you to step into your own power and choose love, courage, and compassion over fear at any moment throughout the day. —  Mirjam Roelink, M.S.

"Jennifer leads yoga with a true understanding of our clients and their needs. She offers a unique opportunity for our clients to participate virtually in a meaningful yoga session that is incredibly helpful to their recovery. I highly recommend Jennifer's video yoga series!" — Amy Sullivan, MC, RD, LD, CEO & Founder, daliyRD

"Jennifer's videos are amazing! Her comforting presence, words, and voice captivated and strengthened me and made me want to keep going. She is healing and full of love. Because of it, Jennifer's videos are a perfect way to get my day started." — Lauren Costello 

"I really love how Jennifer's videos help me feel into my body and learn how to really use yoga to help support recovery." — Maryann Thornton

"I love the affirmations on Jennifer's videos. They are simple yet very effective and powerful." — Lisa Young, RYT

Words from my yoga students about my teaching style and classes....

"As a new yogi, Jennifer's classes are a place where I can learn, stretch my body and my mind, and feel safe enough to try new things. Yoga is so much more than a workout, and Jennifer teaches that, if you are open to it, everything is possible." — Melissa Z.

"I have struggled with disordered eating for over 15 years. It has, for a long time, been my safety blanket, a veil of deceit that protected me from the feelings that were too intense for me to begin to understand. Yoga has provided a safe outlet to explore those emotions without judgement and has allowed me to use my body in a positive way. [Jennifer’s] gentle energy allows me to feel safe exploring those painful feelings without fear. Jennifer's unique and creative way of building individualized asana sequences has changed my time spent on my mat. From inversions to help change my perspective to strong power poses such as fierce pose to give me strength when I feel weak, each session provides hope and courage to continue moving forward on my journey." — Heather J.

"Jennifer is wonderful and full of light. Her classes are packed with positive energy, passion, and love. Her communication with clients and students is powerful, using encouraging words to allow everyone to feel safe and confident on their mats." — Julia

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A little bit about me...

Because of my personal experience with an eating disorder, I am extremely passionate about helping others who struggle with their bodies find peace of mind with yoga and mindfulness practices.

I am a yoga teacher and yoga therapist specializing in eating disorders and body image. I am also a writer and mother of two girls. I am extremely passionate about helping others reconnect with their bodies and be empowered in their lives. As a yoga therapist, I work with clients in person and via Skype. I also teach yoga at the Monte Nido Eating Disorder Center of Philadelphia, am a partner with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition, and cofounder of The Body Kindness Project. I lead trauma-sensitive yoga classes and teach weekly flow yoga classes. I love to write and contribute regularly to eating disorder and body image blogs and the YogaLiving Magazine. Find out more about me and my qualifications or email me with questions.

I am looking forward to doing some yoga together!