Yoga has been a life-saving force in my life. I taught yoga for 7 years before getting married, starting a career, and having children. With the beautiful gift of motherhood also came a whirlwind of stress, endless exhaustion, a severe eating disorder relapse, and depression. As I frantically tried to balance being the perfect mother, wife, and professional, my yoga practice fell away. I knew I needed help when someone once asked me what I enjoy doing and I literally could not respond. My brain searched for an answer, but there were no words, descriptions, or memories. In that moment, I felt empty, blank, and unsure if I would ever recover.

It became clear to me how entirely disconnected I was from my passions—those essential things big and small that ring true with who I am at my core. For so long I believed I had no choice but to run myself into the ground, that I had to put off attending to my needs until my girls went to college. The reality was I had no choice because I was ensnared in self-imposed limitations. Possibilities or alternatives were no where to be found, or so I believed.

Since then, I have come to believe that we have options, even when we tell ourselves we do not. I have also come to understand that my wellness is directly related to my ability to stay connected to my passions (yoga, writing, reading, and more). Like you, my life is extremely busy, but I have learned how to practice self-care in small but consistent ways. I often call on my network of support for guidance as I continue to find balance between caring for others and caring for myself. When I can strike that balance, I more fully enjoy my life with my husband and two daughters.

I returned to teaching and created Chime Yoga Therapy with a newfound enthusiasm for yoga and its role in my life as a woman and mother. We all have profound experiences from which we can help others and make a difference. My intention is to harness the full spectrum of my experiences as a yoga teacher, writer, and mother to help people thrive. My ultimate goals in life are to be a positive role model for my girls and to teach them that anything is possible when we ring true (Chime) with who we are at our core and live with strong intention.

I invite you to read about my recovery journey